On What's Next

I often get asked if I experience food and wine differently after having spent the last year or so to completing culinary and then wine school. 

I absolutely do. 

But I think the question is asked expecting me to say that after cooking in a Michelin-starred kitchen or becoming a certified sommelier, new taste buds magically appear and all of the sudden your palette becomes “refined” or “trained” and then nothing is ever the same. In reality, it’s not that I’m tasting anything different than someone who hasn’t chosen to study those subjects, I’m just thinking about what I’m tasting differently.

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On Wine

A few years back, I was listening to an interview with the Street Etiquette guys. This quote stuck with me: 

"Style is a language that certain people speak to each other"

After studying wine the last few months, I've come to realize it's the exact same way—a language. When blind tasting, the Master Sommeliers I trained under would frequently say: "listen to what the wine has to say." I remember scoffing at that the first time I heard it. But there's a lot of truth in that statement.

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Life After the Classroom

"Heading to the restroom real quick guys!" I inform the line cooks closest to my station. 

"Heard." comes the standard response.

I dash out of the kitchen to the bathroom. It's downstairs like the kitchen. The kitchen staff can use it, as long as there aren't restaurant customers already waiting for it. Opening the door, that was exactly the case

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