Hi there!

I'm Kyle.

I'm currently exploring wine, cooking, tools, product/growth marketing, and alternative income.

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Some stuff I've been up to the last 10 years:

I worked at Apple out of college for four years. First in finance, then in product marketing as a member of the Mac and Apple TV teams. Most of this was in Cupertino, with a brief stint in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.
Whether I was designing a deck for an executive or building a business case for a product roadmap change, the pressure was always on. And the pressure forced me to grow a tremendous amount, quickly.
I've worked with 10+ startups, either directly, or via R/GA Ventures. I focus on product marketing and growth marketing for category-creating companies.
A mentor at Apple once told me: "Apple is like a big luxurious cruise ship. If it wants to change direction, it can only turn a few degrees at time. Startups, on the other hand, are speedboats. They move fast, and make hard turns. Manage to hold on, and you'll learn a lot."
Culinary School
I attended ICC's Farm to Table Culinary Arts Program in NYC on a James Beard Foundation scholarship, completing an externship at The Musket Room
(1 Michelin Star) in NYC.
I started getting the itch to attend culinary school while cooking dinner parties in SF while still working at Apple. Culinary school forever changed how I view food, and more specifically, how technique can unlock flavor.
Sommelier Training
After culinary school, I completed ICC's Intensive Sommelier Program, training under 10 Master Sommeliers to eventually pass my Certified Sommelier Examination.
Before this program, I'd become frustrated about how little I knew about wine. So this program was me deciding I'd "learn it the hard way," once and for all.
I've studied improv at BATS in San Francisco and Magnet Theatre in New York City.
Improv is one of those things I think everyone needs to do at some point, as it improves listening skills, public speaking, the ability to think on your feet, and more. And it's a rare chance to connect with and learn from new people.

I'm currently exploring...


Discovering and sharing ways to make alternative income beyond a salary.

Product/Growth Marketing

Building elegant systems that help companies attract and retain their dream customers.


Demystifying the world of wine for others.


Applying professional culinary concepts to home cooking.


Reviewing software and physical goods that make life easier.

...and more.

Because I'm curious about a lot of stuff.
Blog posts
that are concise, well-researched,and applicable.
like lists, templates, etc. to make your life easier.
Online courses
to take your knowledge to the next level.

Blog Posts

Coming June
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